Maria Green Showjumping and Coaching


Sally Thurloway BSJA - UKCC level 3 lead coach

"Maria has an enthusiastic attitude & was a great asset to the Junior Academy this year, bringing her experience of flat work from Eventing to help the Show jumping training."

Emma Logan UCTC Equestrian Team Manager

We decided to enlist Maria's help as our School Equestrian Team trainer, initially as she had been recommended, but primarily because she is a level 3 coach. After the first training session, I was so pleased to have such positive feedback from all our pupils and their parents. Since then, Maria has gone on to develop a great relationship with the team, supporting us at events and holding regular training sessions to really help the students improve their their jumping skills and leading to many successful outings for us.

Catherine Pearce

After years of training with coaches with no real interest in developing me as a successful jockey, I was fortunate enough to have Maria Green recommended to me.

Maria is a trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline. She has a deep understanding of the biomechanics of both horse and rider. Each session exercises brain and body at an appropriate level, developing confidence, skill and promoting partnership.

Sessions are planned, building on the progress made in previous sessions and interactive, encouraging the rider’s feedback.

I have had a great deal of coaching in the past, from trainers who are listed on Affiliated Accredited Coaching lists, but Maria is a infinitely distinguishable from these coaches for the following reasons:

  • She has the ability to guide, inspire and, most importantly, empower;
  • She has positive energy – with an attitude and enthusiasm for the sessions and an ability to motivate;
  • She pays attention to me, observes me; she empathises; and she cares about my successes and failures;
  • She delivers a consistent message and shares her knowledge freely;
  • She possesses exceptional communication skills; sets goals and expresses these goals and ideas clearly; she listens and welcomes feedback;
  • She is interested in my progress, she wants me to do well, be better, to win (whilst smiling)!

Sophia Anderson

"Maria Green is an inspirational showjumping coach for my two daughters aged 13 and 15. She has been coaching them for nearly 18 months now and her lessons are both well structured and fun. Maria is talented at adapating he coaching to the individual rider/horse combination and bringing out the very best in them. My girls have fone from strengh to strengh under her guidance and I would highly recommend here."

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